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Brightmount Trading Sdn Bhd

“Cool and Comfort”

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About the Company

We Are One of The Largest Car Air Conditioning Part Suppliers in Malaysia. Besides that, We Supply Accessories and General Maintenance Parts as well. Ready to Satisfy Your Need.

Car Aircond Parts Supplier

Brightmount Trading Sdn Bhd at a Glance.

Car Aircond Supplier in Malaysia We are passionate and continuously growing to supply variety of quality car aircond products to local and international markets. Brightmount trading

Market Experience

Our humble beginning started since 1991.

Product Range

90% of products for various brands and models

Product Quality and Price

We supply product of highest quality with affordable price to customers

Customer Satisfaction

We listen to voice of customers and provide amicable solutions

Core Products

Car Aircond Supplier in Malaysia
Car Aircond Supplier in Malaysia
Car Aircond Supplier in Malaysia
Car Aircond Supplier in Malaysia
Car Aircond Supplier in Malaysia
Brightmount Trading
Brightmount Trading
Brightmount Trading
Brightmount Trading
Brightmount Trading
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